Safety and Mafia are Naples brand to many. But act smart as you would anywhere and enjoy these surprises on our Thanksgiving trip: Rome-Naples-Amalfi Coast.

Naples is the Holy Grail of pizza. Did you know the Margarita Pizza was designed as the first pizza presented to the Queen of Italy in 1889. Red, white and green are the national colors.

Naples’ pizza restaurants have a certificate of authenticity approved by an official committee.

Many carved nativity scenes come from Naples which has been called Christmas all year around.

The San Gennaro festivals in many US cities relate to the patron saint of Naples whose dried blood turns to water each year (?).

We go to Pompeii on our Thanksgiving trip to Rome, Naples and The Amalfi Coast. Everything minus the rocks and earth are in the museum in Naples not in Pompeii. Pompeii has the mysterious landscape with Mt. Vesuvius, but the ‘stuff’s is in Naples. That includes the erotic stuff.

(We include Vesuvius in our tour also).

Some streets in Naples are built on top of the original Roman roads. Paw your shoes and dream.

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