Janice with Ethiopian children

Janice with Ethiopian children

Every week, we at The Women’s Travel Group hear this: ‘I have some knee problems ‘….knees being a metaphor for limitations.  We all have limitations, as our mechanics deteriorate, we just jog too much or we are nervous travelers going solo for the first time.

A few ideas to measure if you can travel with our group:

Do you walk every day for normal errands?

Can you put aside your nerves, lose sleep but learn to travel again in a group?

Can you manage a few stairs, with a handrail?

Are you comfortable telling us you need a different diet?

Gluten sensitivity?  Are you willing to bring some snacks just in case?

Are you afraid you will cry?

Are you happy to accept help when needed?

In the past few years, we traveled with women with special diets, sleep requirements, allergies, knee and hip replacements, hearing/vision limitations, and language differences.

Begin your travel planning by being straightforward and honest. Call us if easier for you.

646 309 5607 or email Phyllis at Phyllis@thewomenstravelgroup.com

Some trips like December’s India are easier than you think. Thanksgiving in Italy will tempt you back to travel. Christmas in Morocco, easy peasy.