This topic is covered everywhere with all kinds of complicated information along with sites promising you will almost sit on the pilot’s lap. How about some simple ways to improve your chances of a better seat from The Women’s Travel Group?

  1. Join the frequent flier program of the airline you are using, even if you will rarely use it again. You might have to book, then join, the go back to your booking for your seat.
  2. Know what your PNR is. The PNR is your easiest way to find your reservation. It is a series of letters and numbers, looking some thing like QST5LM. Res agents will help you quicker.
  3. On overseas flights, ask for the exit row and remind them you speak English (a requirement internationally).
  4. Book seats with your ticket. If unhappy with the seat you have, check back both on line and on the phone several times especially if weather is looking bad for some connections to your flight.
  5. Ask again at the airport and again at the gate. Don’t be one of those who drape themselves over the counter-it will not help. Just ask nicely.
  6. Bring your frequent flier id card even if it is a low level to show to check in staff overseas. Fewer passengers overseas have ff entree so some airlines like BA honor lower level status.
  7. If traveling with someone who is upgraded, have them put in a word for you. It can definitely help you jump the queue, I am a witness to that.
  8. Finally if the premium seats are still empty after take off, just move into one. Rarely does staff care or ask you to return to your original seat.

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