We inspect all our hotels but if you go on a trip and are unhappy, here is how we suggest you complain:

1. Get an authority figure from the hotel, not the desk clerk, and if need be wait there until someone shows.
2. Get their card and make sure they are in fact a manager.
3. Ask them to sit down away from the desk, which makes you an equal and makes this a business meeting.
4. Describe your issue, enhance with photos you took or timing you noted ( like a pillow from housekeeping took from 8:30 PM until 9:11 PM, the detail is convincing.
5. If they do now show, and you are busy, ask for an appointment the next day or for a telephone appointment.

Do not settle for low-level employees; they cannot help you and you will only waste your time and their patience. Complain on TripAdvisor if you really feel maligned and the hotel does not seem to care. Send the complaint to them certified mail along with again your details.

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