Weather has always been an issue. Current weather patterns are even more disruptive to travel. Be prepared and smart. To save your vacation The Women’s Travel Group is sharing some tips if bad weather seems imminent. First travel insurance: we always offer it when you book a trip. Our insurer is Travelinsured, reliable, 24/7 emergency phone help, and wonderful to work with.

How smart women saved their vacations:

Member from Minnesota was told by her airline that a connection in Newark was cancelled due to snow.  She called the insurance company and got permission to rebook a new flight at cost to the insurer. She was able to join the group bypassing Newark and sipping her welcome drink in Germany with us.

Another lady from Dallas was en route to the airport when there was a local weather incident, so local that she kept a copy of the newspaper headline to prove to the insurer why she missed her flight! They paid.

A third was due to leave Miami before a hurricane. She asked for permission to leave a day early and not lose her trip. She did it.

With insurance, you also paid for help… so call and get it. Write down the name of the person you speak with, repeat exactly what they are advising you to do. We suggest repeating it so you know you are in sync.

Again look at our policies and choose one that will help you with weather situations. Read the print, it is not so small.

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