Holiday Tips uniquely for women, from The Women’s Travel Group. We all know the usual: be at the airport early, drive carefully and don’t drink/eat too much. Here are about a few others that effect women more than men:

Toss a small roll of toilet paper in your carry on. Bathrooms are bound to be full at airports and highway stops. Supplies will be gone.

Take some purell type gel to wipe hands after you leave a crowded public bathroom. Bathroom door handles are the disease carriers.

Try to get the stall on the corner of the ladies room. That way you can safely put your belongings next to the wall, away from snatchers.

Bring some of your own snacks; fast food places will have long lines and you don’t want to miss your train, plane or bus.

Carry important information relating to your trip: the 24/7 number for your tour, your airline and your hotel.

If going overseas, also carry the non 800 numbers for the above.

Don’t eat airport foods with tomato sauce, mustard, tumeric or cumin if you are wearing white or light colors.

Avoid shoes with laces and locks that use keys.

Otherwise have a great July 4th. Remember what a wonderful country we live in, and how lucky we are. Tips from The Women’s Travel Group, with upcoming tours to¬† India, Italy, Morocco, The Yucatan, Brazil, Iran and more. For each tour, we also supply important travel tips for women.