Here are our choices for Holiday Gifts for Women who Adore Traveling.

A lesson in using your phone as a camera. A smart phone has many applications which are free or close to free. But for electronic idiots like me, they can be hard to understand. Many camera stores, libraries and Apple stores give lessons. I learned how to take quick unnoticed photos without clicking the aperture! Women travelers are less likely to be electronically savvy.

Better suitcase: the best suitcases for us women are those that swivel so you can drag or ‘walk’ your case. I like my super cheap light weight case but it has a limited life. For a treat would go for a TUMI super light with soft pockets outside. Not black. Not so soft sided that it collapses when you open it. Amazon is competitive as usual for suitcases. Light weight is key to most women who travel.

Mani/pedi at a local salon for a pre-trip thrill. Most of us leave on vacation so wrecked that we do not enjoy the first two or three days. So give a gift of relaxation to be used before departure. Shorter nails work better for traveling. Throw in a small bottle of quality cuticle moisturizer for the plane. Women travelers will then not ‘pick’ all the way across the Atlantic.

Day passes at an airline lounge. You can buy these on line but must do so before the trip. American Airlines is $50 for a day pass. Your pals will be able to retreat away from the crowds and into a quiet lounge. Most have snacks, drinks, wifi, quiet areas, lots of electric plugs and some reading materials. Some overseas where the airline is competing head to head there is more. AA in London for instance ( BA is their nemesis) has alcoholic drinks, hot and cold food, and a buffet of selections. Solo women will especially enjoy this oasis.christmaspackages

Whatever you give your traveling friends, give it with your best wishes. It is always a nicer gift if you actually tell them they are important to you and your happiness.

Enjoy from The Women’s Travel Group