Travel clothes today are easy, leggings have replaced trousers/ washables have replaced cotton. So why is your suitcase so heavy?   Travel doctors tell us that back issues are the number one health problem for traveling women. Moving your heavy case in the hotel room is one reason. So here are some weighty things to leave home.

Shoes: toss  heavy shoes and replace with light walking shoes. Merrell is one brand that produces solid but light walkers. Also: Easy Spirit, some Rockports, Keen. Mephistos are excellent with almost a lifetime guarantee; but they are heavy.

Personal products: Only bring exactly what you need, a full bottle of shampoo probably weighs 8 oz! Measure out ahead of time. If you only use a fancy shampoo, consider the hotel shampoo for your first soaping, then your special product for the second. 2 bottles 8 oz each equals a Pound!

Jeans: don’t even bother, unless they are new light material or you don’t mind wearing them until they walk away themselves.  Jeans are just too heavy.

Food: most of us bring snacks on exotic trips like Ethiopia or China. Some, like peanut butter or dried fruit, are heavy. Research your destination,snacks are international. The Women’s Travel Group  stops for bathroom use, and often there is a sundries shop attached.  Places like India, China have lots of snacks and packaged dried fruit.

Sweat shirts: we like them like old teddy bears. Reconsider and buy a down filled jacket; they can be as cheap as $30 or expensive if investing in Patagonia. As always you get what you pay for. Throw in a baseball hat or other and give it away at the end of your trip.

Winter coat: Perhaps it is risky, but think about not dragging just layering on return from your winter trip. Too many women walk unbalanced when dragging a coat, a carry on, a purse, an ipad!

Electronics: Hard to lower the weight unless you want to buy a Mini Ipad. Play with your phone, learn it so you know what it can or cannot do. Take lessons at the Apple Store if you use Apple products. Or get your 10 year old neighbor to tutor you.

Finally, dump that old suitcase and invest in one of the lighter bags sold everywhere. Ask not just size, but actual weight.

We are happy to help you create a packing list for your next trip with us.

Some tips from The Women’s Travel Group at  We have a spot left on Mexico City and are booking 2016 now.