For those traveling this Autumn, here are a few tips to save you from colds, wet feet and or sleep deprivation.

Temperatures change rapidly this season: today it is 65 in New York and Sunday it will be 81- very hot for this time of year. Layering is the answer and sizing is another. Layering is not just about putting one garment on top of another. You also need to consider what sweaters for instance are too tight for undergarments. Same with coats which might pull with too many sweaters beneath the surface.  Invest in some long sleeved good quality form fitting tees and always throw in a scarf big enough to cover your entire neck.

Rain and wet you. Few of us own actual rain coats anymore and fewer have Gortex outer garments. There are some teeny tiny umbrellas out there that weigh oz. and pack easily. And there is always the Dollar Store with its flimsy but totally usable rain jackets. If you are in the fashion world and have no budget, Burberry makes a stunning foldable black raincoat-waterproof, trendy but $$$$$

Wet feet: most fashion sneakers are made just for that: fashion and lightness. They get wet immediately right through to your toes. Alas, if you do not own waterproof shoes, just assign one pair of uglies to rain days. To dry them after use, hang upside down and stuff with something to hold shape. At the very least, pack extra socks which give some relief from soggy shoes. I like Rockport walking shoes for rain days and or Ecco’s.

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