How come we all don’t Get a Life?  What holds us back from taking a trip?  The Women’s Travel Group believes it is habits and allergies.

Habits are what we acquire; saying good things like Thank You, doing good deeds like picking up litter or reacting appropriately like smiling at a child. Habits are also bad, no need to list those. But did you ever think about traveling as a habit? Once you get out of the habit or if you never had the habit, making a decision about travel is worrisome.

Recently I took a 10 hour plane ride for personal vacation. I had not been on a long flight for a few years, was  skittish and out of the habit.   I forgot the ease of wasting time with junk movies and binge watching British TV shows (now easily downloaded from Netflix), nibbling on snacks and daydreaming. I found myself out of the habit of long haul traveling. 

Allergies: many women are afraid of leaving their world and neighborhood. (Much of the ocean going cruise business is based on making you feel you are overseas but keeping you isolated from overseas). If you don’t travel, the thought of it makes you nervous,  like smelling shellfish if you are allergic to it. Just thinking of going overseas will keep some of you awake at night.

Parents are supposed to give small bits of peanuts to children so they acquire a tolerance for life.  Electronic bio-feed back is used to break bad habits. Apply both of these ideas to travel:

Try a small trip like New York City and get back in the habit.

Go right for the big ones: Mexico City? Berlin? Namibia? on and train yourself with gorgeous photos, travelogues, movies and cuisine, your own bio-feedback.

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