I think I finally ‘got’ the NY Public Library e-system. The system is hard to decipher; worse, when you think you have the book and download it, it goes into cyberspace whatever that means. In regular language, here is How to Download a Guidebook (or any book) from the New York Public Library to your IPad and iPhone.

a-Make sure you have an active Amazon account.
b-Download Kindle Cloud Reader Application onto your Ipad and iPhone directly from Amazon.  Don’t worry about what an application is, just download it and your device will be able to accept e-books. For us, it is a shelf.
c- Have your library card and PIN handy. Yet another PIN sorry.

1. Log onto www.ebooks.nypl.org
2. Choose ebooks from the browser menu under the title of the library.
3. Follow the prompts for library card number and PIN if asked now. You now enter what we called the stacks  Lets start with the button that says ‘Browse’.
4. Choose Kindle even if you have an IPad not a Kindle under the Browse menu.
5. Choose your subject matter, like Travel. Click on that subject matter and now you have choices on the top menu.
6. Your choices are Library Collections / Available Now/ Additional Titles. Let’s choose Available Now.
7. Choose a book and click next to it Add to e-List
8. If you are finished click Proceed to Checkout. If not, continue browsing.
9. Enter your library card info if not done before. Now Log in and tell your device to save your info for next time.
10. Confirm checkout. Note the number of days you get the book which will be next to the title.
11. Upper right corner now you see a yellow-orange bubble- DO NOT CLICK ON IT: choose its drop-down menu and go to download for iPhone/Ipad. Then download. The book will appear in your Kindle Cloud Reader folder, and when expired, you get a sad note that your loan has expired. You cannot renew ebooks.
12 Do not be fooled by one choice which is to buy the book from Amazon unless of course, you want to.

What is confusing is first you choose Kindle book even when you are on an IPad and second that the last yellow-orange button needs a drop-down choice and should NOT be clicked until you find the right choice. Do all of this ON YOUR IPAD.  If you do it on a Mac computer connected via the Cloud.  You might get the book on your computer.

I hope this boring blog post works for you in the NY Library System. It does represent a lot of books floating somewhere before figuring it out. (PS my personal first taste of travel came from the Amsterdam Avenue and 82nd Street Library in the children’s stacks. )