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Flight cancellation Triage from www.thewomenstravelgroup.com especially during the pandemic era. Let’s face it, some airlines are not going to survive this disaster.

The FAA cancelled flights of Boeing 737 Max 8 and 9 planes.  Here is what you need to do immediately if this or another crisis has hurt your travel plans. 

If in the US: call your airline-on the local number not the 800; it might be faster. The local number will be on the airline site and you should keep it in your contacts in your phone anyway.

If you are overseas, call the overseas local number. The 800 number in the US will be swamped. The overseas number might not. If you are traveling on a ff mileage ticket, your overseas contacts might now work. Example: Air France is Delta’s European office; they cannot help with a Delta ff ticket rebooking. If your ticket was sent via tripit.com, open it on your phone and follow instructions.

If you are in the airport, check the Departures board for alternative flights to your destination. Go right to the gate if last minute and you only have carry on. Sometimes an airline will allow that last second change without charging you.

If outside security, airline personnel can help, but hunt for flights on your phone also. Here is where you need the airline app on your phone for quicker access.  

Ask to be put on another airline; staff is not legally obligated but staff can arrange this especially if the new airline is part of the code share. Larger airlines will not always swap you in for a discounter’s ticket.  

Ask to be downgraded on another flight. There are more economy seats than business etc.  if you had an upgraded seat; confirm you will get the upgrade payment back. 

If  you are using a third party like www.kayak.com or www.expedia.com follow their instructions. (Before you choose a ticket on one of these, read the full print, and check out the site they are linked to).

Call your travel insurer. (Their number might be swamped also.) Email them. Keep records of both attempts for your claim. 

Having said all this:

Go immediately to your phone.  Download the app for your airline. It is a quicker way to rebook.

Check in when you get the notification on line, again use that app. 

Afterwards deal with compensation; first try to get your new flight. 

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