We usually write about why you should book a tour with The Women’s Travel Group. Today after speaking with some women, we are sharing with you some reasons why women do NOT go ahead and book a trip. 

We can all remember the first time we went to a function alone. It was scary, nerve wracking and sometimes we backed out and did not even go.

Why do women dream about travel then NOT GO. The most common reason is fear of the actual travel. What happens if this and what happens if that?  There are two ways to get over this fear: the easy one is to ask questions. The harder one is to actually go. Asking questions can be from a list you make before you call or from a ‘walk through’ of an itinerary so you know what to expect at each moment. Making a list is smart and calling a second time with more questions if you forgot to ask is smarter. Don’t forget to challenge us and ask difficult questions.

The second most common reluctance is the Will I fit in? question. This is how to fit in: be on time, smile, and discuss special needs with us ahead of your trip. Special needs can be about walking, wearing a wig,  getting over an illness, special diet, hearing loss, extreme shyness, need to be private about a lifestyle change. We have heard it all.

Coming alone and unable to pay a single supplement is third. We offer room shares on most trips, what does that mean? Sharing a room is sharing square footage. You are with the group all day from breakfast on. There is no obligation to your share other than to be polite in the room. Many women make new travel friends from sharing; some just save money and go no further.

Coming alone and not wanting to join a clique. Ladies, this is not high school and we do not tolerate any nastiness or snobbiness. We are super casual, sneakers gals. And every trip has new women and repeaters who are anxious to meet you.

Concern about who we are: The Women’s Travel Group is a licensed and insured tour operator with 26 years of experience. We accept credit cards, offer travel insurance (which requires a clean record) and are frequently awarded for quality travel.  Our repeat rate is very high, and many of our trips are coordinated with a major tour company: India, Ecuador/Galapagos, Sri Lanka and more.

Call us to hear a human voice and ask questions. Email us with your list of worries. Whatever path you take, remember we only go around once.

646 309 5607 is our number. Phyllis@thewomenstravelgroup.com or Phyllisnycity@gmail.com are our emails. www.thewomenstravelgroup.com is our site. www.facebook.com/toursforwomen is our Facebook page with over 4,000 real likes.

Very little space is left on Ireland in July, and Scandinavia in August. Short buget trips like Oaxaca and Ixtapan Spa in July/August are detailed here: www.thewomenstravelgroup.com/tours.