June 2017 Ixtapan Spa Group, Ixtapan de la Sal Mexico.

The Women’s Travel Group hears this frequently: ‘I went on this trip as an experiment’. Women usually go on a trip to see the world, but newly single women also go as a personal challenge. Here are the worries many voice either on the phone or very often by the third night of a trip.

I came to see if the women were friendly?  Proof: we have never had a trip when women did not exchange emails and phone numbers. We give you a list and you fill in the rest.  Look at our many photos of groups smiling over  farewell dinners. We use no professional public relations firms; these are real life people.

I came to find out if I was healthy enough to travel? If you have been ill and or had an accident, getting back into travel is scary. The key is to ask us to talk, day by day, through an itinerary. Then we can find the times that worry you. If they are solvable: you can sit in a cafe until the walking tour is over? Or there is a jeep to take you to Amber Fort in Jaipur, India if a hip replacement will not tolerate an elephant ride? Excellent. If not, this is not the trip for you!

I came to discover if I could do this on my own and not freak?  We send you names of everyone on the trip ahead of time. Speak to a few women beforehand. Write down everything that worries you, then read it later. Flight delay? We have back up. Allergy? Just tell us. Phobic about escalators?  Being in a hotel room alone for the first time?  Afraid of being in non English speaking areas?There will always be an alternative?

I am not sure an all women group is for me?  Is your stereotyped vision closer to high school behavior? We find women coalesce if they come from different backgrounds. None of us is ‘Wonder Woman’ and none of us is ‘Daisy’ from Downton Abbey. None of us has never been nervous and we have all had a bad night’s sleep.

Ask your questions without fear of sounding dumb, and realize they have all been asked before! Take your first trip when our President is escorting: New York? Chile both in 2018?


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