Yes we all… eat gelato in Italy and are proud of it.







Excuses Friends Use NOT to Travel

“Have to think about it”.

“Cannot decide now”.

“Want to get a frequent flyer mile ticket”.

“Might need a procedure?

“My family doesn’t think I should go”.

But here is what women are actually thinking:

“I am afraid to go alone, even in a group”.

“I am shy and not good around new people.”

“I used to travel with my husband/best friend/partner and he passed away”.

“I am scared of flying by myself”.

“My family wants me to vacation with them (and pay?)”.

“Maybe everyone else is a better traveler”.

A varied group of women like Women’s Travel Group means a warmer welcome than given by a coed group. You do not have to fly alone-just ask to be put with others.We have women with new ‘virgin’  passports and women who lived abroad. The Women’s Travel Group welcomes everyone who is pleasant and friendly.

Feeling low? Here is what Rita from Miami once said to us: I always traveled with my husband, stopped when he passed away, because travel was part of him also. Now I realize this is a new chapter, not a default.  Italy with us end April is NOT the Italy you once saw, and the S. France trip is full of days you could not fill with a car and driver.

One spot left, you may have a share or a single. Still worried and trying to convince a friend to come? No question is dumb. Its your trip and your questions that matter