Travel Tips for the Electronic Age from The Women‘s Travel Group

Smart phones, tablets and Kindles accompany us on travel these days. Even the least technical of women carry at least one of these items. shares new tips with you.

1. If you use a lot of electronic items, bring a power strip. This will enable you to safely plug in extra items. This must be packed, not carried on.
2. Keep your Kindle or Tablet wrapped when traveling in dusty areas.
3. Pack extra batteries, solar or automobile chargers.

4. With a smart phone, you can photograph scenes secretly. Turn off the sound, hold down the camera button, scan the scene as if you are not focusing , release the button when you get your shot. You will be able to photograph tribal people this way without upsetting them.

5. Practice taking photos without looking. This is helpful if you are wandering in a primitive area where photos are unacceptable. Initially you will get feet and sky but with practice you will get your shots.
6. Secure your Ipad or tablet in a larger bag when going through security. As others can see the item‘s outline in the screen, the less likely a theft if the items is packed.

7. Use your Kindle to hold PDF versions of all your important documents as well as guidebooks and library loans.
8. Photograph your passport picture page and visa and keep both in the photo album of your phone or tablet.

9. Do not keep your boarding passes or plane tickets in your phone if you will be away from electricity!
10. Check if your travel insurance will cover electronic items!

You will find that the most remote people know what a smart phone or Ipad is,so be careful not to disrespect anyone.

The Women‘s Travel Group is the follow up organization to The Women‘s Travel Club which was sold in 2006. Phyllis Stoller and her staff are behind this group which offers smart tours for women. The group has a strategic partner in SITA World Tours, an active member of USTOA.

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