* Go for at least 4 nights if you want a true perspective.

    * Arrive at a reasonable hour, even if you need to leave work early.

    * Meet with spa coordinators immediately and have a list of prepared questions.

    * Choose a spa that fits your needs; beauty, weight loss, stress, just a getaway, exercise, nutrition etc.

    * Some spas are really resorts with a few spa facilities.

    * A good gauge of a spa is the number of professionals on staff.

    * Does the manicurist also do facials; if so, this is not a true spa.

    * Read health and fitness magazines in advance and formulate questions.

    * Have a goal; this helps you to schedule properly and make priorities. i.e.: weight loss. stress reduction. Do not cheat!

* List all the machines from your hometown gym; you can get a trainer to teach you how to use them more effectively.

* Figure out how fast you walk so when you join a spa walk you know your level.

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