Women deny ourselves gifts and time we sorely need. We don’t celebrate birthdays or special occasions the way we deserve. And we express guilt if we buy something extravagant. I recently heard myself make an excuse for buying a designer dress….and it was for my son’s wedding! So how can we get over this absurdity?

Thanksgiving and Christmas are times with memories, good, bad and sometimes sad.  Buying yourself something like new shoes is a brief relief at holiday time.  Taking a plunge with travel can help make  the new you. Traveling with new people over holidays can be a life changer.

Over the years we heard: I am not cooking this year! All I do is work over the holidays! I love my family but I gave myself a trip! I have no family! I need to get away and marinate! Holidays are hard so I travel! Any of this sound familiar?

This year, we offer two holiday trips, selected for specific reasons.  For Thanksgiving we chose an easy trip in a small country that is surprisingly different from the rest of Europe.  600 years ago, Portugal controlled the New World; you see that in every tiled facade, ornate statue,  cobbled plaza and  massive museum or church.  Blue tiles and gorgeous leather goods from North Africa, garlicky piri piri chicken from Africa, wines from the Romans, churches pre-dating the Inquisition, and fish of every variety right from the Atlantic. Portugal is a crossroads, so close to the Eastern seaboard- it feels as if you can toss a rock.

Rock Star Cliff Richard says: I sit on the terrace overlooking the vineyard there and I feel cut off from the world. You need that sort of thing.  

For Christmas, we are still booking a all inclusive festive Danube cruise: Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary.  with a Pre in Prague.  These are the fairy tale towns in your childhood books. Come alone and ask us for a single rate that will not bust your budget- rates on our site are extended beyond June 30. Days in elegant European cities, festive with lights and sugary smells, meals with a fun group who love to laugh!  Details are here and date extended for special rates.

Contact us about these holiday trips/ We never pry, we are here to help you restart your travel life. Trips and details can be found here: www.thewomenstravelgroup.com and on the phone at 646 309 5607 or email:Phyllisnycity@gmail.com

Start packing. No kleenex please.