Good news on airplane toilet sanitation: Delta is partnering with Lysol using its disinfectant liquids, sprays and wipes on the plane, boarding areas, baggage areas and in its Sky Clubs. Lysol is the hard to find gold bar for this pandemic. The US Environmental Protection Agency approved two Lysol products as effective against the virus when used on hard, non-porous surfaces.

Our group in Albania after a Delta flight

Lysol Disinfectant Spray and Lysol Disinfectant Max Cover Mist meet the EPA’s criteria for killing the virus fast. Now with Delta also buying it we know why Lysol is impossible to find in stores or on line. Delta’s new serious attention to sanitation will include what Delta calls ‘a breakthrough solution’ to the lavatory area. Moreover, it is also a solution that will kill germs and protect customers and crew.

Here is what Delta did not announce, and I think you women out there will agree. Delta should also prevent men from carrying a newspaper into the lavatory. Why?  Female crew have told me that when they see a man approach the toilets carrying a newspaper, they know he is going to stay inside for a really long time. When they see a woman, they know she might do her makeup but she’ll get outta that horrid space as fast as she can. 

Next Delta should keep men in the lavatory until their hands are sanitized and dried. No more having to touch a moist handle for us gals. Guys are supposed to have learned how to wash their hands practicing since mid March.

Next Delta should require an inspection of the lavatory post a male occupant to insure wet paper towels are not tossed on the floor. That will go far to help maintain airplane toilet sanitation.

Next Delta should add the following to its Emergency instruction pamphlet: how to wipe off the sink after use, especially after shaving.

Finally, that toilet seat up situation? Delta should install a buzzer if it is left up. 

I don’t completely understand its partnership with the famous Mayo Clinic, I do understand and welcome this attention to the toilet area. Now Delta, make the lavatory area a bit bigger and Delta, Lysol and I are a partners for life 

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