The Euro is at a low (that is since it was created). But when you as a tourist try to change money it is not 1.15 but 1.40! What are the best ways to change money if you go to France with us end March?

The more you change the better the rate as a service charge amortizes better. Most of us do not carry enough cash to make a difference this way.

Change Bureaux in town are generally better than banks or airport venues.

ATM’s generally the best and their service charges differ based on type of card and your personal banking situation (ie private bank clients might avoid service charges). Make sure you pay any charges back promptly or finance charges will apply.

Using your credit card is usually the best way to purchase outright. You will see foreign currency transaction fees on your bill, generally they are less onerous than high rates for cash. Overseas many credit cards have a chip and pin system which is only starting in this country. Be ready for stores to decline your cards without this new security wall. Visa is more accepted overseas than Amex fyi.

If you join us to Cuba, you can only use cash for purchases as Cuba does not have relations with US banks yet.

And finally if this is not confusing enough, some ATM’s run out of cash over the weekends and charge higher rates on Fridays…..

Plan ahead if you are a solo traveler; don’t get stuck by leaving money issues too late.

Some tips from The Women’s Travel Group.