Aren’t we Boomers Busted, and sick and tired of being home???  Boomers are not traveling and are told every day to be afraid. We are looked upon as future nursing home residents. We are warned a mask is not sufficient; we must self isolate and remain lonely.. We are bombarded with sad even frightening images on television which are timed to be seen by non working (ie retired) viewers. The iconic scare ad is still streamed: it is the I’m falling and I can’t get up?

Boomer women can travel
The CDC is full of information about Boomer women. Busted or Booming?

Not all of us are frail or should be Boomers Busted. Yes most of us now have pre existing conditions. So what?   Who doesn’t have friends who co exist for years with high blood pressure? Who hasn’t lived for 20+ years after a mastectomy?  Is our age combined with “pre x” enough to stop us from traveling? I think not.

The 70 year old today is stronger and more active than was her mother or grandmother.  Most of us have been employed consistently since we graduated college.   Many of us are still working. Pew Research says 25% of women 65-72 years old are working (more than men by the way). We are conservative savers but we are less and less active buyers. 

Here’s the bad part and how it pertains to travel: travel is a top priority for Boomer women’s discretionary spending. So the bottom line questions are : Do we dare travel?

Are we in danger if we get on a plane?

Is there a way to travel safely?

The answers are yes, yes and yes.

Start with remembering who you are not what the  media or family tells you. You triple multi-tasked: childcare/work/elderly parent. And you did this when you were under the weather or under. deadline.   

Remind yourself that you have experience and common sense. Of course you use a mask, wipe hands, and are careful. Our age group always colored between the lines.

Boomer, Phyllis Stoller masked at JFK showing common sense protocols about travel.
Wear a mask and use your common sense combined with science.

You trust science. Statistics since March (from major airlines)  have proven flyers are not getting sick. More significantly, crew are not getting sick.  

Learn about new global organizations working together to investigate and rate countries on their safety regulations. FYI outside of the US, other countries have regulations about mask wearing, temperature taking and fines are very large for not obeying.

Don’t be a Boomer Busted. Look beyond your age, you might be qualified and ready to travel. Read this rule: The unmentioned protection against getting sick while traveling is simple: BE RESTED BEFORE YOU GO.

Travel tips from The Women’s Travel Group.

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