Getting ready for a solo trip includes being organized and being smart. Traveling in a group  like The Women’s Travel Group  is easier as you have others to help if you need it. Traveling alone is more edgy since you must be self sufficient. It will be more comfortable if you are going to an English speaking area like Ireland. 

When you travel alone, you are your own defense, your only money holder, and your only companion. This means that if you leave anything behind because you are tired or nervous, you have no back up. You must concentrate to avoid mistakes.  You must be organized and know where you are going and how to get there. You must have a clear head.

So how can one prepare for travel solo?

List every crucial thing you are bringing and make contingency plans. For instance, copies of your passport, important contact numbers, itinerary, plane ticket etc should be in more than one place. A hard copy plus on line copies left as images AND in your email account are suggested.

Money: keep it in different secure places. Example: some in your money belt, some in a zip lock bag in your carry on, various credit cards also dispersed. Have a few small bills and coins in a zipped up pocket so you are not displaying a wad of cash when you buy a bottle of water.  Third example: if you absolutely require some item (besides medicine which should always go in carry on), carry it on. In my case it is earplugs and one pair of pjs plus electronics. Finally, merchants will accept a picture of your passport photo page so leave that passport in the hotel safe. 

If there is a lock, always use it: lock your carry on bags! Use the hotel safe. Lock your suitcase if you just went shopping and love your new Italian scarf. Lock your hotel door hopefully with a dead bolt. Lock up any medicine you need. Keep the number of locks in your head and before you leave your hotel room, count them off.  Having a number in your head is easier to remember than glancing around a room.  Note: always bring a second even third lock; these little critters get lost easily.

Similarly, remember your kids field trip list? Have one for yourself before you move from one place to another. Here is a list to use:

1-Unplug chargers and electronics and keep them secure; it is so easy to leave your phone or charger in a bathroom plug.

2-Check hotel sheets so you don’t leave stray socks or pjs. Or worse yet important papers you were reviewing in bed. Or your suitcase locks.

3-Remember if you put food in the mini bar for cooling.  I must admit here I often make a sandwich from breakfast buffets and use minibars to keep it fresh.

4-Check out and get a paid in full bill.

5-Open safe the night before you leave— in case it malfunctions. Feel all around the safe; it is easy to leave behind cash, an earring or keys.

6-Recount your money and reorganize it again for small purchases and for security.

7-Repack so that what you need first when you re-open the bag is on top.

8-Check behind shower curtain for left personal products.

9-Take amenities you fell in love with: hotel shampoo is useful for laundry.

10-Reread instructions for the day and use the hotel wifi to check on any important messages or changes.

The Women’s Travel Group organizes small group tours for women. Many women come alone. All of the above information is useful even if you are traveling in a group. We hope it helps to assuage travel nerves.

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