Shortly The Transportation Dept will be requiring airlines and travel agents to list all fees on your ticket. These fees include the usual like security, agriculture etc but now the list is growing longer and longer. Services like checked bags, preferred seating. extra luggage (mainly on discount airlines in Europe) and other fees are involved. Spirit Airlines even charges for carry on bags!

Approximately 18% of the entire ticket is today only fees….. Airlines of course say that this new listing requirement would be expensive. Not too expensive to have their gurus sit in a quiet room with pizza and invent fees is it?

Along with new fee disclosure, there will be on time performance stats for us to ponder. Of course, airlines have already exaggerated the time needed for their flights to hype their on time statistics. And they use that old phrase: The flight is leaving late due to the late arrival of the aircraft. Now what does that coverall sentence mean? Nothing

Well we are stuck with the fees, and the airlines’ falsified stats, but we can still use our brains and read The Contract of Carriage which is our actual contract with them when we book.

When you travel with The Women’s Travel Group, we give you a choice of booking your own airfare, using up your ff miles or asking us to book for you. We do not charge a handling fee for the latter and are known to even sign you up for a ff program if you are too busy. Grab that last room to India or Sicily and have some fun while you pay those fees.