Europe is hot! So when you plan your trip,look for a/c but expect something more like a fan

Here are some tricks of the a/c world.

Here are some tricks of the a/c trade.

Ask if the hotel is air conditioned all night. Many hotels turn the air off in the middle of the night for economies.

Ask if “climate controlled” is actually air conditioning and get it in writing. Many websites use the wording climate controlled.

Ask if the public rooms have the same low temperature setting as the hotel rooms- they often are set lower.

If your room ac is broken do not wait for the engineer! Change ASAP as he did a lousy job for the last guests. Insist on this change, hotels will try to stall you.

I guess it would be extreme to meet with the general manager,ask him or her to turn off their office ac for an hour and sit there?

Join us to well a/c’d hotels on our India trip in November 2013