Here is a Print & Save: Must Keep Cell Phone Emergency Travel List from The Women’s Travel Group

Airline’s reservation local number.  Keep the record locator & frequent flyer number.

Toll free airline number, if on a code share flight, the number is the airline you booked with not the one operating the flight.

Local number for all credit cards

Tour operator emergency number in North America

Tour operator local number overseas.

Transfer agent and tour guide number

Family emergency contact

Hotel phone switchboard in case you get lost. Also include the address to show a taxi.

All other travel providers local + US number;. cruise ship number? taxi service? concierge of your hotel?

Travel insurance number

Your travel buddy’s cell number, in case you get separated.

Doctors’ contacts

Put State on your must keep cell phone emergency travel list.
Source:Department of State

US Embassy WorldwideThe number in the US is +1 202-501-4444

112 is the version of 911 in Europe, keep it in your contacts list.

For all overseas calls add +and the international dialing code.

112 is the European Union version of 911. Put it on your emergency cell phone travel list.

Here are more sources: The FCC about emergencies abroad.

US State Department on Emergencies Abroad

Wheelchair Travel’s List of Contacts Overseas

We hope this is helpful and that you will never need to call any of these numbers. Travel Tips from The Women’s Travel Group. Look at our upcoming trips here.