Consider a stopover NY. Spending a night at JFK or in town, before a transAtlantic flight is a good idea for two reasons: 1- airfares broken in two might be cheaper and 2- you will have less jetlag and more time to relax. Oh yes there is a 3- a visit to New York City for a day.

We can book both flights for you if you decide to spend a night in NY. 

There is excellent subway service directly from JFK to midtown Manhattan, safe, cheap, fast, air conditioned and somewhat wifi activated. Plus there are elevators and escalators at each stop. People are helpful if you do need some assistance or feel you might get lost. 

There is a stop from JFK on the subway only  a few blocks from Saks Fifth Avenue and Rockefeller Center. Since Covid 19, the MTA has gone to great lengths to clean and sanitize the subway and buses. 

One of the biggest discount mall’s in the nation is a bus ride away: Woodbury Commons has more than 220 stores. The bargains are so great, you see shoppers wheeling their suitcases around. Or hang around the 53rds Street subway stop ( from JFK) and do a Fifth Avenue stroll. 

Some Michelin starred restaurants serve a bargain lunch at 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of dinner. Try Jean Georges, Le Bernardin, Aquavit? Here are more starred New York restaurants with lunch specials. 

There is even a cheaper way to taxi around than Uber: Via, which New Yorkers use. It is a shared ride with up to 3 maximum, and costs $5+tax anywhere in Manhattan south of 125 Street. Sharing only adds a few minutes of extra time to the ride. NY has a lot of traffic so to see the most in your stopover in New York, use one of these services. 

There are many free/pay as you wish/ events and museums. Here is a long list.  Plus theater at the last minute can be very cheap. Also Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center’s music rehearsals are $20ish. 

Contact us with specific questions/concerns/special places you wish to see on your stopover in New York. We are experts and also in international tours for women from The Women’s Travel Group tours

This is the logo for the NY subway and bus system for your NY stopover..
MTA logo for subways and buses.
TSA required masks also for NY stopover on the subway.