Named the TOP DESTINATION FOR 2016, Mexico City is a total surprise for most women who go with The Women’s Travel Group. Here is our trip.

Safe to wander downtown and easy to walk to the main plaza and stores.

Food is fantastic and if you avoid the obvious: unwashed veg and fruit, you will swoon. Mexico City is a gourmet paradise and our trips offer a la carte dining there. Do not miss the bakeries.

Don’t bring much money; everything is cheap and our trip includes most of your costs. By cheap,think of this 10 Pesos is now 20 Pesos to each American dollar. Bargains ladies.

Hotels are definitely up to our standards. Our hotel is a historic renovated one walkable to most central city sights.

Hate museums? You will fall in love with the Museum of Anthropology and its  mysterious exhibits and brash architecture… plus introduction to the Pyramids you see later.

Downtown architecture is moon like; streets are decorated with modern sculpture/buildings painted in amazing colors/skyscrapers built on top of Aztec temples?

Frida Kahlo’s home.. Did you know she had an affair with Trotsky and another with Noguchi?  She buddied  around with  Edward G Robinson and Gershwin? Her Blue House shows you the bohemian life she had with Diego Rivera. Dont’ go home without buying a kitchy Kahlo brand something.

Try Mexican chocolate,especially the ones with chili or herbs. This is a new way to eat a chocolate treat. Try Mexican hot chocolate also.

Our deal for March 29 departure includes a share guarantee. If we don’t have a room mate for your, you get a single room at no extra cost. Book today by calling us at

Phyllis Stoller

646 309 5607 and Mexico City trip.