The Women’s Travel Group just returned from a trip to The Caucasus. 5 Things I should not have packed are below. They all added weight, bulk and became annoying to move around each day.

On return from the trip, I examined the non clothing items left in my suitcase. There were items I should not have packed.

Too many snacks: granola bar type. Unless you are on the moon, you can buy snacks anywhere in the world. Under International snack food, As an example: Amazon shows a selection of snacks from around the world.

Too many phone chargers and accessories. With newer phones, batteries last. If you need an external battery, buy one from $29 upwards. FYI modern buses sometimes have charging ports.

A pair of ‘maybe need’ shoes. Water proof or quick dry shoes are enough. A second non sneaker pair ok. But a third remove it.

Too much shampoo and personal products. Measure out how much you normally use. Extra liquids add dead weight to a suitcase.  Too much hand sanitizer.  Turn around and there is free sanitizer everywhere.

Things you should never pack
Ungrounded adaptor

Ungrounded adaptors. On my last trip, I used a grounded adaptor; the socket sparked.  The adaptor died. Had I used an older simple one, my phone might have been damaged. Here are photos of both types:

What I should not have packed
Grounded safer adaptor.

The Women’s Travel Group includes porterage in its pricing. However, lighter suitcases are easier to move in the hotel room and use less energy to transport. For information about our travel company: Call 646 309 5607 Enjoy our reviews at: