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Who isn’t sick and tired of excuses from friends who claim they want to travel but don’t.  Who isn’t humiliated asking over and over, and getting the same rejection. It is embarrassing and hurtful to be rebuffed by friends. So to make you all feel better, here is what my own friends use as excuses- and why I like to travel in groups of women:

“I only go Business Class and only with  X and X company”. (This means: I can’t get a freebie from ff miles and I need a brand for travels like I need a brand for my shoes).

“I only decide last minute”. (This translates into I’m never going since last minute is usually hard and much more $$).

“I might have a conflict with theater tickets”?  (Well that is an easy excuse, if you really wanted to go, you would not use the word might, would you)?

“Is that place safe”?  (Worries about safety are more connected to a person’s own fears than to real global safety).

“Maybe next year”?  (Write this friend off, next year is not for us older women. Too many don’t make it!).

Join a trip and yes last minute for Ireland is possible. Upcoming biggest excitement is India and Turkey; both eye opening and thrilling. Don’t bother with  your friends, make new ones from The Women’s Travel Group.