Contemplation on the Ganges River at Dawn










$200 in India is a huge savings if you combo it with a guaranteed room share on the perfect trip. We found that women want a higher level of accommodation than some other tours offer and fine tuning on a daily basis. Why?

We are not kids anymore and understand that comfort at night is key to enjoyment during the day.
—Yes, we want top notch bathrooms.
—We need large rooms for our stuff and eye sight, and —Why not have a comfy reading chair and extra lighting?

Don’t just book an India tour for the cost. Book it for the extras: luxurious hotels with spas and shops, private visits to an elegant private home, a rural school, an ancient village, and all organized on the correct days of the week.

And what you did not know to ask for:

Only discerning shops, and never tourist traps.

An extra night mid trip to catch up on some rest while enjoying Khajuraho’s 30+ temples more leisurely. Look for the gorgeous parrots in the trees and enjoy the funky yoga session on the grass of our hotel.

Water kept cool for you on our bus. Take as much as you need for each ride.

A wonderful escort who will know what you want before you do.

Guaranteed share for solo women and those who do not want to pay the single supplement.

$200 off for 5 more days: Price from: $3795 land only. We can do your air or try for a ff ticket to Delhi. We can look at your proposed ticket and give it the ok.