What do you think are the two worst moments on your trip? Here is our experience at The Women’s Travel Group:
First and Earliest: The luggage carrousel comes around for the last time and your stuff is not on it. 99.99% of all suitcases are delivered within 2 days. Even when BA’s computer crashed and all Heathrow bags were waylaid, our group in India had suitcases within 48 hours. A total loss is an extreme rarity. Today’s news is new suitcases with tracking devices embedded. Do you really want to triple check on your airline while you are also looking at weather, facebook, text messages, your grandchildren’s school photos and trying to be on vacation?

That brings us to the Second Worst Moment on a trip: You log onto your phone after getting the hotel’s password, and nothing happens. The line at check in is tedious, and then the clerk addresses you as if you are an electronic idiot (most of us probably are).

Get over the luggage fear and get over the need to be in constant control via phone, your vacations and experiences will expand and your ability to enjoy yourself will also. PS, also turn off the free CNN in the room.

A basic tip from The Women’s Travel Group. Our hotels as different as Italy to Ethiopia do offer wifi, but that does not mean you have to burn through it.