1-Light luggage. British IT-0-1 is the lightest and can be found at discounters
2- Cole Hahn or Ecco walking shoes rather than heavy Rockport types.
3- Toms or Espadrilles for extra footwear. Cheap flats for evenings if no walking involved.
4- Most personal products can be bought everywhere, people do wash their hair and moisturize their skin outsideĀ  the US. Bring what you need the first night.
5- Nylon not cotton underwear, same with socks.
6-Tailored hiking pants in dark colors rather than jeans.

7-Guidebooks loaded into your kindle or other. Tear out pages of magazine articles for the plane.
8-Light weight down jacket, again Uniqlo

9- Kipling money/passport bag doubles as a purse.

10-Put everything on your bed and remove every 4th item before final packing.