• Brexit Shock and Your Travel Plans

    (The photo is from voxeurop.eu)

    Yeserday, Britain voted to leave the EU.

    How will this change your travel plans? Here is guidance from The Women’s Travel Group.

    For Americans, little will change possibly attitude- see below. If you look at the visa stamp in your passport from a past trip to the UK, you see the following paraphrased. You may enter the UK for up to 6 months. You may not use public assistance. (These are national health or other services like reduced rates for seniors on buses, trains, in museums,free medical, dental, reduced price medicine, eyeglasses etc.)…

  • Dressing for an Upgrade

    The Women’s Travel Group Opines About How to Get UpgradeĀ  This article was written for The National Association of Baby Boomers. Enjoy:

    Does looking the part get you upgraded? There are various theories about this but the consensus is YES.

    AirFareWatchdog.com founder George Hobica, an airline expert was told by an agent that it might help since airlines would not put someone wearing flip flops next to an important traveler. The rule that goes for being seated in the front of the restaurant goes for getting into First Class for free.…

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